Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Swatch time! Fyrinnae Arcane Magic eyeshadows

Here's a little piece of universal harmony - today I've been very much enjoying Anastasia of Lipsticks and Lightsabers' enormous round-up of the year, where mineral/pigment company Fyrinnae win huge praise. Then I get home to find that the Fyrinnae stuff I ordered before Christmas has arrived from the States! Wahoo!

Love the attention to detail in the packing, everything carefully tucked up in black tissue paper, free sample, and free stickers as well.

I've long been obsessed with colour-shifting effect finishes on things - especially makeup. I have a love of multi-faceted iridescent surfaces, like the wing-covers of some species of beetles, that appear to change colour depending on how the light hits them. (The only exception is when it's a paint finish on cars, then it just looks sort of tacky.) It's apparently to do with the shape of the different surfaces on the particles involved. Different ones reflect different wavelengths of light. (NB science people, if you want to totally geek out about it like me, there's a great beetle-based research paper here)

Anastasia rightly told me that Fyrinnae's Arcane Magic range were the be-all and end-all hands-down best bet of colour-shift makeup. So I ordered samples of 8 shades in the range.

True to her recommendation, the colours are highly multi-faceted. I've done my best to capture the effects in these swatches, but needless to say the effect is MUCH more apparent in actuality. The effect is seen when the surface is in motion, and depends on how near your hand (or eye) is to a lamp or other light source. The colours will also look different in e.g. bright morning sunshine or late afternoon.

The eyeshadows are swatched in the same order as the jars in the lowest picture.
Top row L-R Archmage (plum to green with dark base), Avian Shapeshifter (pink to gold), Dark Fantasy (grass green to bronze), Dragonmagic (teal to purple to mid-green).
Bottom Row L-R Evocation (beige to mint green, which I totally didn't capture), Healer's Touch (pink to silver/taupe likewise), Stormbringer (baby blue to green to taupe), Warrior-Mage (pink to grey to green-bronze, with some microglitter)

Samples of the Arcane Magic shadows ( a generous heaping 1/8 teaspoon that's actually more like 1/2) will set you back $1.75 each, or you can pay $5.75 for the full jar. In English, that's £1.10 a sample and £3.73 for the full size. Buttons! And if you order $20 worth, your shipping, even internationally, is free.


  1. Gorgeous! But you didn't get Sorceress! Sorceress and Faerie Glamour are my favourites. I love how dramatic Archmage's shift is too.

    Are you going to get more?

    It's worth mentioning that arcane magic samples 1/8 tsp are half the size of their regular samples at 1/4 tsp (which is huge), for the same price - because Arcanes cost them a lot more to make. However, full-size arcanes and full-size eyeshadows, you get 3g of product (a packed full, no sifter 5g jar = 3g ) for just over $5, which is increeedibly cheap, most places charge $4-8 for 1.2g

    I'm glad you like them, Fyrinnae is my crack now.

  2. I remember buying from them waaaaaay back in the day when they were called Bombshell Bath. In fact I still have a few jars labelled "BSB" rolling around in the bottom of my stash. Back then they shipped in baggies and you had to get your own jars. They've come on SO MUCH since then - in packaging, in shipping time, and definitely in product quality.

    Generous samples still though :) and I agree they're excellent value. Thanks for adding that info to the entry, very useful for people considering a purchase.

    I think having seen these I will certainly order more, and depending how I get on with my sample of Pixie Epoxy, I might get a full size of that too. Your recommendations are very welcome indeed.

  3. I waaaaaaant some of these. I keep playing with a Fyrinnae basket, but there's just too darn much I want. I am going to place an order, seriously now, you've pushed me over the edge. One half of Fyrinnae used to post on MUA, he was a real sweetheart, and v funny too.

  4. Go on Grace, I strongly recommend it. Maybe you can do a better job of swatching than I did - seriously, these don't do the colours justice at all.

  5. The colour look so clear
    Thats amazing humm i really love them all love the glittry look and shiny
    this is my makeup blog

  6. Stormbringer is lovely!

    (Like the background, btw, did you draw it?)

  7. Shaim - thanks, I don't think my camera even remotely does these justice though. See the Fyrinnae site for more pics - www.fyrinnae.com

    Gillian - I did draw the background, how did you guess?

  8. Sarah hi!

    I'm just wondering how you get on with these all this time on? I'm toying with placing my first order but the site is terrible and it's putting me off... do you ever reach for these now? Did you get moer? would you still recommend? Thanks, Charlie x


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