Monday, 4 January 2010

Starting All Over Again

With your nails, that is. Over the Christmas break I broke my nails while putting a dress on, and while pulling my fingers through my hair. When my nails start breaking after not particularly hard activity, I chop them off, file them down, and start again.

Maybe the constant application of base coat, polish, topcoat, combined with my dayjob (which requires me to type all day) wears them down, despite them generally being pretty strong, and my use of a pretty good nail hardener. Or maybe not everyone has to do this, and I'm doing something wrong (or missing out on a HG product!). Tell me; do you periodically cut your nails down and start again, or do they stay strong and long all the time?


  1. periodically cut and start again.Most sensible thing to do because it gives u a fresh start and because once a nail breaks you have all different length nails which doesnt look great...
    but then i dont look after them properly. i have a really good hardener i just am too lax to use it religiously.

  2. Ooh, what's your really good hardener? I'm in need of one after this horrible winter!

  3. I really like Nailtek Xtreme - can only seem to find it on eBay, it's an American product. When my nails got really weak and split more than they grew, it was the only thing that saved them :)


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