Thursday, 14 January 2010

Review: Weleda Lemon Balm & Orange Conditioner

I recently spotted a few Weleda goodies in the organic haircare section of my local Waitrose. It was on offer, and it's silicone free, so I decided that it'd be rude not to check it out.

Formulated with organic lemon balm and essential oils, it has a fairly subtle smell - citrus-y, but not overpoweringly so. This conditioner is recommended for normal to oily hair, so it's not particularly thick or rich in texture - and despite being silicone free, it still has a decent amount of slip, so you won't need to use a lot of product to coat the hair. In fact, this product doesn't have any of the difference in texture that I've noticed with many other silicone free conditioners - I don't think you'd even notice the difference.

I've been using this as a conditioner wash (since I no longer use shampoo), and was hoping that it would be light enough that I wouldn't need to re-wash my hair every other day. And it is! It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny, well-conditioned but not weighed down. I don't get greasy roots until 2 days after washing with this.

This isn't the cheapest silicone free product I've found thus far - it retails for £7.95 - but it's in no way as expensive as other brands with organic credentials (and still much cheaper than my previous Kerastase habit). Given that you don't really need a lot of product to get good results, I'll probably repurchase this one. And while I'm at it, check out a few more Weleda products...

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can get it on Weleda's UK website at £7.95 for 250ml.


  1. I really like high end shampoo and con in my hair when I can. I have fine hair, but loads of it. Its slightly frizzy, but still shiny. I currently blow dry it in thick curls. I did straighten it to death previous to this. Anyhow I have been looking at what makes my hair great, and I have not tried these yet, but so am going to. I currently use the soup bar on my face and its excellent for sensitive skin and so cheap too!!! I have to watch what I now use in my hair, as obviously it hits my skin when washing and gives me red spots and rashes. I really think this will work great as a light weight alternative. Hope you can maybe review this and save me another bottle in my shampoo/con collection.

    'Refreshed' Lemon Myrtle use the highest Premium quality oil for all their products, in formulations that are committed to natural and safe ingredients where possible.

    Free from:
    Harmful petrochemicals
    Sodium lauryl sulphate
    Parabens, DEA
    Mineral oils
    Artificial fragrances or colours
    Animal ingredients
    Animal Testing

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    Here is the link to the brand.


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