Thursday, 28 January 2010

Review: Lush Dreamtime Bath Melt

In the midst of being a bit of a bubble bar fanatic, I somehow didn't notice that Lush had started making a new bath product. Bath melts are non-foamy, rich and creamy bars of goodness that melt slowly into the bathwater.

I picked up a Dreamtime melt to give this new (to me) product a bit of a whirl. I threw it into a bathful of hot water and hopped in with it; within five minutes or so it had melted into the water, turning it opaque and creamy - it almost looked like I was bathing in milk! The water felt slightly more moisturising and had a light coating of oil floating atop it, which I presume is due to the main ingredient of the melt, which is cocoa butter.

After luxuriating for an hour, I felt very relaxed and a little bit sleepy, which Lush say is down to the inclusion of jasmine, lavendar and sandalwood. After getting out, my skin was soft and clean; no light coating of oil on the skin with this. As a result I think this is probably a middle ground between a non-moisturising product (like a bath ballistic) and a heavier product like a bath oil.

While I wouldn't buy this again for the moisturising properties - I think I get a better effect out of a good bath oil - I'll buy it again for the luxury of it, the relaxing scent, and the fact that it washes away cleanly.

If you'd like to try one for yourself, you can find them at Lush stores or on Lush's website, at £2.90 for a 30g bar.

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