Friday, 1 January 2010

NYX Lipstick Swatches

UPDATE:  If you've landed here from Google looking for on-lip NYX swatches, we have lots of them.  Just not on this particular page.  Try some of these instead:

I recently found a lipstick I absolutely adored, rambled lovingly about it, and like any beauty addict worth their slap, ordered 4 more colours. I'm talking about NYX Round lipsticks, which I found to be long lasting, deeply pigmented, comfortable feeling, and gloriously cheap.

My recent experience buying those 4 more colours have revealed the downside; the NYX website swatches are crap.

Now, I don't really expect swatches to be totally accurate, particularly when they are a computer-generated blob of colour as opposed to a picture of the actual lipstick, but I do expect the shades to be vaguely usable. Of the 4 colours I ordered, only one is wearable. This, despite my ordering shades of the type that I can usually expect to look good on me. Below, the four lipsticks swatched on my hand, with the colour blob thing for each underneath.

I ordered from, who do provide their own swatches, although not for all the shades they sell, strangely. Their swatches are also kind of small and sheer, and don't give you a lot to go on. The service was pretty good, arriving relatively quickly and in good packaging, but next time I order I'll be searching the web for swatches and will studiously ignore the ones on the NYX website. Be warned!

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  1. Thanks for this! I swatched Heather, Thalia, Tea Rose, Indian Pink, Doll and Sky Pink on my blog.

    Tell me what you think of them ok? ^^


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