Monday, 11 January 2010

More NYX Lipstick Swatches

After my last slightly disappointing experience of picking NYX lipsticks, I did a lot of Googling for proper swatches before I placed another order (dedicated, that's me). Luckily this time only wo out of my latest batch didn't suit me, and hopefully will be swapped off soon. Here are swatches on my lips of the colours that don't clash with my hair or make me look dead. For the record, I'm an NC15.

Tea Rose - rich, pinky beige neutral cream

Thalia - mauve toned beige neutral cream

B52 - warm, very slightly pink beige neutral cream

Doll - strong rose pink cream

Heather - cool mauve pink cream

Saturn - frosty red-pink

Spellbound - cool rose cream

Electra - brick red cream

Snow White - burgundy cream

If you're after any of these shades - is still selling them for very little money.


  1. I never used this brand of makeup i was thinking of buying some lipstick and eyeshadow
    did they Cracked lips, causing dry


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