Sunday, 17 January 2010

Indie Beauty: Om Shanti Bath Oils

I've been using Etsy, a site full of fantastic handmade goods which can be purchased direct from the craftsperson, for a long while now. I started off purchasing some truly unique bits for my wedding, and recently I've been exploring some of the handmade beauty products on offer.

Now, I absolutely adore bathing, so I decided that my first handmade beauty order would be a bath oil. The oil I purchased comes from Om Shanti Handcrafts, who make bath salts, bath oils, scrubs, lip balms, and more, in a variety of fragrances.

I chose the Mulling Spices bath oil - and it does indeed smell delicious. This is a deep, spicy scent which isn't overpowering at all. Composed simply of moisturising base oils and fragrance, this oil forms a thin layer on top of the bathwater, and after a good long soak, my skin felt very soft and smooth. The scent didn't linger, either.

For a good, basic bath oil which imparts plenty of moisture to the skin, and smells beautiful to boot, you can't really go wrong with this. Om Shanti ship quickly to the UK, and with each 55ml bottle costing just $6, you can feel good about supporting an independent craftsperson while getting a great deal.

If you'd like to try Om Shanti oils yourself, you can find them at

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