Sunday, 31 January 2010

IMATS: Day Two Summary

The second day of IMATS started off with a bang in the form of a highly entertaining and illuminating interview with Oscar winning makeup artist Bill Corso. We were treated to a variety of anecdotes spanning his career, which has involved work on films such as the Grinch, the most recent Indiana Jones film, and Lemony Snicket (for which he won the Oscar). Coming across as a very down to earth guy, it was clear to see the amount of passion that he has for both beauty and SFX makeup, and also the amount of support he shows for other artists, both established and upcoming. Of his current project, currently filming in the UK, he said: "If you've sent me a resume for my current film, I'm sorry if I've not called you yet. In the next few weeks, you'll probably get a call - we need a lot of makeup artists".

In fact, day two was probably more geared towards SFX, with Bill Corso and Tom Savini speaking and the student competition being of the character variety. No words are needed to accompany these photos:

Sarah and I also got the opportunity to chat with the creators of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics - more on that later when Sarah writes up a full report. We stuck our fingers into some more products, including some fabulously bright Kryolan shades courtesy of Charles Fox, and some beautifully textured concealers from Eve Pearl.

Finally, we were treated to a live session by YouTube sensation Koren Zander (EnKore), who showed us how to create a full face look using pure pigments and a few mixing mediums. Although clearly nervous about working in front of a real live crowd, Koren dished out plenty of useful tips and tricks and answered questions from the audience, as well as applying a full face of makeup.

So, all in all - was IMATS a worthwhile way to spend a weekend? You betcha - Sarah and I had a fabulous time meeting people, watching excellent demonstrations and interviews, being introduced to new brands, products, and techniques - and doing a little bit of shopping, of course. Another bonus was that this is one of the few times when it seems perfectly acceptable to talk to strangers about makeup on the bus! We'll definitely be in attendance next year.

If you were there - did you have a good time? And if you weren't - do you think you could be tempted for next year?


  1. Oh wow. I LOVE SFX makeup, sometimes i even play around and give myself wounds and things :P Those photos are amazing.
    I'm so, so jealous of everyone who got to go because it just sounds wonderful, but at the same time i don't know if i would be able to deal with the crowds so don't know if i'll make it next year :(

  2. Hi Lillian! The crowds were much worse on Saturday, particularly from around 11AM, but Sunday was better - still very crowded though! It could have done with being in a bigger room I think - not sure they expected so many people.

  3. Hej! I have also been on the IMATS in London and I took part in the competition. I made the other witch, the really, really ugly old one with the red apple :) Do you also have pictures of that work? I would be happy to get some!

    Anyway, I hope you liked the show and if you did like my work please visit my website: or my blog: (only in German).

    Well, see you at least on the next IMATS :-)

    Eileen Napowanez
    (Make-Up Artist in Berlin)


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