Thursday, 14 January 2010

Daily Giveaway: Bath & Body Works Fresh & Floral Products

Today, we have a few more treats from Bath and Body works for you.

True Blue Spa Shower Cream (travel size) in Be More Pacific: formulated with Tahitian monoi oil, this shower gel is luxuriously moisturising and soothing, leaving the skin soft and smooth.

Antibacterial Hand Cream in Midnight Pomegranate: moisturises as it sanitises, with notes of blackberry, red pomegranate, cassis, patchouli and anise.

Body Lotion (travel size) in Coconut Lime Verbena: light but hydrating lotion perfumed a light tropical island inspired scent - don't worry, it's not too heavy on the coconut!

To enter, all you have to do is leave us a comment telling us what your favourite body products are - scrubs, lotions, oils, whatever! Entries posted before midnight UK time will be counted, and winners will be selected at random next week. We don't require that you to follow us here or on Twitter, but if you'd like to, feel free! This competition is open to everyone, whether based in the UK or not.


  1. Hey, ladies!

    My favourite body cream is Johnson's Natural Baby intensive cream - smells gorgeous and makes even the driest of skin smooth and supple :)

    My email's, if you fancy sending me any lovely things!


  2. Bum, I forgot to enter yesterday's! Anyhoo, my favourite body product is, well, it's difficult to say, I don't really believe in body lotion! But Dr Organic's Manuka Honey Body Butter is the one product that might be able to sway me ...

  3. Another lovely give away :) keeping everything crossed!

    My favorite body products are (at the moment) Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter and Dove Deodorant :) It's not glam, but I love it.

  4. Hey

    At the moment I am loving all of Soap & glorys range :). The scrub is the best ive ever used and the creams all smell sooo good :)


  5. I'm gonna keep the faith and say my brand new Jergens Naturals Extra Softening! I only bought it today but so far so good. And no parabens! I'm on a quest to lose my arm bumps!

  6. This might seem boring but I love Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a body moisturiser. My mother has been using plain olive oil on her skin from the age of 8. She's now in her fifties, her skin looks pretty amazing, radiant, glowy...

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