Friday, 11 December 2009

Very, VERY Glittery Polishes

At the moment, there's one type of product I'm desperately lusting after - the glitter nail polish. And not sparsely glittered, subtle glitter polish, oh no.

On the left we have the Lippmann Collection's Happy Birthday, which contains large multicoloured glitters in a clear base. Blingy, ultra-sparkly, very noticable. And, it seems, impossible to get over here.

On the right, one of Le Chat nails (no, I'd not heard of them either) Disco Tech collection - aptly subtitled "Dare to Wear", in Techno Beat. I've been dribbling over this since Polish or Perish posted swatches. A kind commenter provided me with a shop that'd post them to me - for about $40 (NOT including the polish). Sigh.

Do the Americans have the monopoly on seriously glittery polish? Or are there some available-in-the-UK brands that might satiate my needs here?

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