Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Unexpected Bonuses

Since I quit the shampoo and went silicone free a few months back, I've been enjoying well defined curls and hair that feels truly moisturised and healthy. The past few days have involved a lot of arrangements, running around, and not enough time for air drying - my hair takes 4 to 5 hours to fully dry, and I've just not been able to find it this week. So I broke out my hair dryer and prepared to do battle.

Ordinarily, blow drying my hair takes about 45 minutes, by which stage I've usually given up attempting to get it sleek, and settled for roughly straightish hair (with a LOT of body) and very achey arms. This time, though, I found that my hair was a lot less puffy after blow drying, and it only took me 20 minutes or so to get it into a vaguely sleek state. All this, with just a small amount of Naked silicone free serum. This is a definite improvement, and a very unexpected bonus.


  1. Sounds great, good to know the silicone-free pursuit is paying off! Anyway, why would you want "sleek" hair?? Curly hair has so much more personality and always looks great! I'm seriously bored with my poker straight hair.

  2. When I say "sleek", I don't mean straight - I mean not frizzy, just smooth and shiny, with minimal puffiness :)


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