Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Review: NYX Round Lipstick

A pre-Christmas swap with the lovely Charlotte yielded a lipstick from a brand I'd never tried before - NYX Round Lipstick in a beautiful red called Chaos. The name of the product might not be particularly inspiring, but the product itself certainly is!

Firstly, the application of this lipstick is fantastic. It's incredibly smooth; feels very moisturising as it glides onto the lips. The pigmentation is also brilliant - fully opaque colour in one swipe. It feels very comfortable on the lips; at the beginning almost too moist - I started to worry that it would come off on everything - but after five minutes or so it dried down a little.

By far the most impressive thing about this lipstick is the wear. It's so impressive that I felt compelled to take several photos throughout a day to demonstrate how long one application lasts.

On the right, we have a photo of Chaos freshly applied at 2pm, and photographed in natural light. The colour is a lovely blue red with fushia undertones and you can see how full the coverage is. Lips look (and felt) moist and smooth.

4 hours later, and it's no longer light outside. I've had several cups of coffee, quite a bit of water, and an apple. The colour is still going on strong; the lips don't look quite so moist, but they are still comfortable and don't feel overly dry.

At 9pm, after a couple more drinks and a bagel deli dinner, I finally feel that my lips feel too dry and wipe the remaining lipstick off. The colour is still fairly evident, although any moistness has long since dissipated. To be fair though, this is a whole 7 hours after application with no touch ups.

What strikes me is that the colour is still so even - I don't mind lipstick that fades, it's unavoidable, but I dislike being left with a stupid ring of lipstick around the edges of my lips.

In short - this stuff rocks. It lasts for a long while, it's pigmented, it's moist - it's rocketed up to being one of my favourite lipsticks already. I might even stop immediately going to MAC when I want a new lipstick (shock horror). And guess how much it costs?

$3.50. Incredible. I immediately went to Cherry Culture (who ship to the UK) and bought a few more - they're currently on offer for $1.75. If you're a lipstick lover, I highly recommend you try these out.


  1. Wow sounds and looks fab! Looks like the lipstick is half price on Cherry Culture at the moment too. How fast is delivery?

  2. Not sure yet, as my package has only just been dispatched - apparently it'll take about a week. For those prices though, I'm happy to wait!

  3. ZOMG. That "ring of fire" look is the reason I tend not to wear lipstick during the day (or at all if I'm honest) so I am seriously curious about this. I may invest.


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