Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Review - Bic Soleil

This product was sent to us free of charge to review.

If there is one thing that truly infuriates me (and there's more than one, trust me) it's paying through the nose for razors and razor cartridges. I'm looking at you, Gilette Venus.

I mean seriously, what are they, made of gold and forged in a secret smithy in the mist of some sacred mountain by monks? Why does it cost me the best part of a tenner to buy four blades with which to shave my hairy calves? Why?

Owing to this long-standing resentment/bafflement, I was glad to get the chance to try out some razors from the more reasonable end of the pricing scale. Four Soleil disposable razors cost £2.95 - less than half the price of four Venus cartridges.

The variety I received was Soleil "Scent", one of several variants available. The handles of the razors in the packet are various shades of pink purple, each one slightly darker than its neighbour. It's a nice design touch. The "scent" is lavender, and it's included to make the shav
ing experience more luxurious, apparently.

In practice the scent of the handles was mostly eclipsed by the pleasant scent of the shaving ge
l I was also sent to try - a light floral fragrance that I found surprisingly nice for a product from a "budget" range (it costs roughly £3, depending on where you shop). The Soleil shaving gel is called "Lady Gel" (and please excuse me for a moment while I crosscheck that in my Profanisaurus). It proved pleasant to use and definitely allowed for superb razor glide without that strange "tacky" post-soap-like sensation that some shaving foams cause.

However, I discovered midway through shaving that the Soleil razor itself is not a serious
contender for the throne of dastardly Venus - I nicked the back of my leg quite painfully with it. And over the next couple of days the regrowth of hair on my legs generally was unfortunately noticeably quicker than with the Venus.

Verdict - Lady Gel, great. Soleil Scent, not a match for the cruelly expensive market leader.

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  1. I have NEVER understood why razors are so expensive. I mean, seriously: WHY? I quite often buy a pack of Asda's own-brand disposables. They work just fine, to be honest, although I do have some of the Bic Soleil ones waiting to review too, though, so perhaps they will persaude me of the error of my ways!


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