Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Lookfantastic.com Customer Service - Unjustifiably Terrible

This story begins on November 4th, when I ordered a present for a good friend, to be delivered to her at work. I paid with PayPal, and thought that quite rightly, that was that. Job done. When I received the order confirmation a moment later though, I was worried - the delivery address had changed from her work address to mine - despite the PayPal confirmation showing her address.

I immediately shot off an email with "URGENT" in the title and went off on my belated honeymoon shortly afterwards. And when I returned to work on November 17th.... my friend hadn't received her present, and I had a package. Great.

When I emailed customer services to complain, I was told that they didn't receive my email, that PayPal had given them my work address (not what my receipt said), and that they couldn't re-deliver the package as my friend's work address was a PO Box, which their courier couldn't deliver to. Fair enough, said I. Return my delivery charge, and I will lug the (rather large and heavy) box to her myself. I was promised a refund within five working days via PayPal.

Four days later, when I took the gift out of the delivery packaging so I could take it to my friend, I found that it hadn't been gift wrapped as I'd asked. A small piece of paper said I would be automatically refunded for the gift wrap. Which I hadn't. Bear in mind that the box had been sat at work for well over a week, and that I'd opened it four days later. So this "automatic" refund was long overdue. On November 23rd, I emailed customer services, and again, was told that the whole lot would be refunded within five working days, via PayPal.

Fast forward to today, 1st December, five working days later, and no refund in sight. One very angry email later, and I've been told that they can't refund via PayPal at the moment, and can only send me a cheque in the post. So, I have to wait for a cheque to be issued, for it to turn up, and then I have to deposit it.

All this, and the best apology I've had is the standard "sorry for any inconvenience caused". I've repeatedly expressed my annoyance, and repeatedly told them that they've lost a loyal customer, and yet, the customer service agents don't care. I doubt somehow I'd get fobbed off in person like this - but when buying over the web, you are a faceless customer, and sometimes get treated as such.

Needless to say, I won't be purchasing from, linking to, or recommending LookFantastic.com in future.

UPDATE: Wednesday 2nd December

I've now had two separate PayPal refunds out of the blue. I emailed to ask what was going on (as they arrived about an hour apart) and was told that their technical teams were working flat out to send PayPal refunds, and so my cheque refund was now cancelled. Nice to have the money back (finally).

I've also had a sincere apology via email from an online marketing person from LookFantastic, and a promise that my comments will be passed on so this doesn't happen again. I will also be receiving a small gift by way of apology. While I'm certainly glad that this issue is now resolved, I do find it interesting that the resolution has come so speedily after I began publicly shouting about it. I hope that in future all customers will receive sincere and polite treatment, before they feel the need to vent in a public fashion!


  1. Definitely sounds like one to avoid - way too much hassle, especially when online shopping is supposed to take the hassle OUT of buying gifts!

  2. Yeah, particularly when you order so that your gift arrives with the recipient before you'd otherwise see them!

  3. Hi Gemma,

    Firstly, please let me apologise for the service you have received.

    As an employee of lookfantastic.com I am very disappointed it has been allowed to get this far without an appropriate apology. This is very unlike our usual service.

    I hope you don't mind I have emailed you directly so we can get this resolved.

    Kind regards


  4. I have the same problem with Lookfantastic. Terrible service. Evenmore - nobody from look fantastic is trying to help me. Hope to get money back at least.

  5. I have had a number of MASSIVE issues with Lookfantastic in the past month or so... I think they have had some new systems and or people as the names seem to have changed within the customer service department and one of the team told me they have a new management team. It seems to me that the people who used to make this the amazing company it was are no longer there?!?! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

  6. If you do have problems and arrive here - please send us an email. We can put you in touch with people who can help out.

  7. Hi. Same experience here. I ordered a few products at the end of December. One faulty product in my order. I mailed twice (through the contact form on the site). No response. In the end I sent a message to support@ and finally got a reply. They promised to refund the amount, this could take up to 5 working days. This was 13 January.

    No refund received by 20 January so I emailed again. No reply whatsoever, not even an acknowledgement of receipt. Emailed for a second time, again no reply. Feels as if emails just disappear into a black hole. Checked my account just now and yes, the refund is finally there. I
    have cancelled my newsletter subscription and won't be shopping there again.

    J from NL

  8. I placed an order with them 2 weeks ago, my order came and it was minus one of the items valued at £36. I have emailed them 4 times to support@lookfantastic.com and left 2 voice messages on some rubbish automated system and no one has come back to me. I also tried calling one of their salons and was told it was noting to do with them.
    I don’t know what to do now.

  9. SOS!!!! Why rating authorities don`t pay attention to this lookfantastic! They just use our money for they profit (at the bank they should pay bank %) !!! I have placed order 1.5 month ago!!! I got from them no money no order!!! The lookfantastik.com just fools people sending them stupid answers meanwhile using they money!!!!!!!!!! SOS!!! SOS!!!! SOS !!! WHO in UK allowed their registration and sertification for the functioning ???

  10. If you're having problems, do feel free to email us at admin(at)londonbeautyreview.com so that we can pass you the details of Lookfantastic's customer services contact who will help to resolve your issue!

  11. Me again -) Thanks dear Gemma. My problem with lookfantastic solved. I got my order and now Iam happy -) all the best!

  12. I placed an order on November 3rd and received the products shortly after. However, apparently one product was out of stock, and it said in the shipping document that the amount would be refunded to my credit card. NO REFUND and it's been months!!!

    I've tried to reach them with numerous emails and thought their website, but nothing has happened. Not even a response!!

    I'll email you the details, maybe you can help me somehow?

  13. That was fast. I got a reply from Lookfantastic today, that I should get my refund in a few days. Thanks so much for your help!!

  14. Just to let you all know, problems with this website are still ongoing. I have yet to receive a reply about the GHD straighteners I ordered from them over a week ago that haven't turned up. A quick google search reveals countless other cases, most involving ghd straighteners, funnily enough. Either someone on that company's on the rob or their postman's worked out which boxes contain the valuable straighteners!

  15. Hello, I have placed an order yesterday from lookfantastic.com to Canada.... after placing the order, I got their order confirmation email.

    Will there be a shipment confirmation as well?

    After reading so many bad reviews for lookfantastic.com, I started to worry about my order. Thanks!

  16. I'm not sure, Anonymous, if they send shipping confirmations: if you've not received it within a few weeks, you can always get in touch and ask what's going on!

  17. thanks for your reply. I will keep my eyes on my mailbox. :)

  18. I placed an order no December 3rd and I haven't received it yet. I asked for a GHD straightener and I feel worry because the comments... I sent two emails but they only said that I have to be patient. How long do I have to be patient?!! Today is December 30th!! In addition, I tried to change the product of my order and nobody answer me. At this moment, I only want to receive the order that I paid 27 days before. Maybe you can help me somehow?

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Very bad customer service. Take ages to reply after repeated emails. Then I called them to ask where my order was and gave me some bull about restocking at the time of ordering - yet they never bothered to email me to tell me that so to me, that was clearly a lie. Also, they had charged my credit card way before sending my order - a practice that I know for a fact Mastercard frowns upon and probably other c card companies too.

    When my order did arrive, it was damaged. I emailed them and they replied and asked for photos which I sent but it's been 4 days and they haven't even acknowledged my email so I don't know what's happening. I've resent the email twice and in the last one I told them I would complain about their dismal customer service.. and I guess this is part of my complaining. I will be complaining directly to them and to any other relevant bodies.

    So, best of luck lookfantastic with your crap customer service. Let's see how far it takes you till you realise you're losing customers because of it and, indeed, till you learn that annoying one customer can very likely loose you many more in the future.

  21. i received faulty goods from LookFantastic.com - in fact it looked second hand!!! The pump action was all rusted and mucky!! Despite emailing their contact page on 6 occasions, no-one ever responded. Eventually got through via phone after holding for in excess of 10 minutes on each occasion - when I got through and said I was irritated by their service the operator put the phone down on me!!! I was directed to return the goods via a Freepost service - 2 weeks later - no replacement goods and no refund - still having problems getting through to them - i urge everyone to boycott this site if you value your stress levels. All ok if everything fine with your order, but don't expect any customer service if they don't it doesn't exist at LOOKFANTASTIC.COM avoid like the plague, there are plenty more sites out there that offer same products.

  22. YOU HAD BETTER NOT TO ORDER ANYTHING. Unless you have a lot of money to throw out the fuckin window. Ordered some goods approximately 2 months ago, received the holy nothing. Asked them to refund my money. Still waiting for my money. What do these f.ckin idiots think? I have no clue. In conclusion: untrusty sh.t, terrible costumer service,

  23. I was worried it was just me they have messed around! It appears not! I have never received SUCH HORRIFIC customer service! Are they all kids from school doing part time jobs and don't actually give a crap if anyone gets what they order? 10 days ago I ordered something, rang all week to see when it would come (it says orders are processed 1-2 days). First guy told me they were waiting for one of my items, it was out of stock, and it had infact arrived that day (last Friday) so they would be sent out and with me by today (Monday). I emailed just to suggest that in future they send out an email to let customers know there would be a delay.....common courtesy really? Some generic robot answered back saying 'you can cancel if you want' ???? (um, no, I want my order!!!) I emailed back saying I still want the order, I was just trying to be helpful to improve their customer care, and help avoid frustrated customers like me!!! I rang today, a girl told me there had been a 'one off' system error, and my order had been cancelled............was that really necessary? Was that to pee me off further? Is it just one big childish chaotic playground working at lookfantastic I wonder? So angry, the girl even said, you can re-order with me now, and we wont charge you twice?!!!! WHAT UTTER IDIOTS!!!!! They have lost my custom! and I will make anyone I know aware of their rubbish service. Im switiching to 'want the look'.com!!!

  24. It is now FIFTEEN DAYS since I placed my order with them, and still nothing. NINE days ago it was already late and I was assured it would be sent out ''as soon as possible''. FOUR days ago I was told it would be shipped ''within 48 hours'' - and still nothing. Oh, and the order doesn't even appear on their website, so I have no way of checking its status except through the sporadic false promises of the customer service team.

    Another order I placed with them was shipped despite me CANCELLING some items within a few minutes of placing it. I cancelled these items because the same product was available on a much better deal on an obscure part of the site. They stated 'they didn't have the systems'' to deal with my request to simply cancel one item and replace it with another. I now have the inconvenience of getting to a Post Office to return the products I've been duped into overpaying for.

    You get the impression from the e-mails that the staff are largely indifferent to their customers, and simply apologize away without actually doing anything to rectify the problem. The experiences I've had with these orders (totalling an outlay of £160) means I will NEVER buy from them again. I would advise people to browse their (admittedly good) range, find what you want, and buy it elsewhere - unless you feel like a ton of needless hassle, that is.

  25. I have also had a bad experience with LOOKFANTASTIC and would not use them again. I ordered a pair of GHDS, which arrived on time for my holiday. I used them just before I left, tried to switch them on again and the wouldn't work. I now have to send them off to GHD to get them sorted and Lookfantastic want nothing to do with it, yet they sold me a pair of faulty straighteners. They were happy to take my money though and I am now 85 pounds down and still waiting for some straighteners that work :(

    1. Hi there, I have just experienced the same problem. I used my GHDs twice and on the third time they wouldn't work. Lookfantastic have now told me to send them to the GHD manufacturer, though I know that by law they should be sorting it out. Can I ask how did you get on sending your GHDs to the GHD manufacturer?

  26. I have also had a bad experience with Look Fantastic and won't be using them again. I had previously had a problem with i received just a heat mat when a pair of GHD's had been ordered. The customer service team resolved that issue fairly quickly so I decided to use them again to order mini GHD's as I've been through chemotherapy. I wanted them for my first holiday in over 12 months so decided to pay the extra £4.95 to have next day delivery. The order confirmation said they were despatched by first class post. When they didnt arrive the next day I telephoned to find out why and was told the courier operates until six and they would be with me. They didn't arrive that day or the day after. Finally on the Monday the courier turned up. The box was clearly marked next day delivery. I sent three emails to Look Fantastic asking them for a response and refund. I had one reply which congratulated me on receiving my order and asking for copies of previous emails. No response since. Very poor customer services. I will not be using them again but intend writing to the Managing Director as I am not going to let this issue drop.

  27. i bought a pair of GHDs from lookfantastic.com and paid for next day delivery, the next day it didn't come so I asked what had happened. I got a reply saying they didn't have my item in stock and that they would post it to me when they got it and once they got it, it would take about three more days to arrive at my home.
    Why would they mark an out of stock item as dispatched? And then not even send it to me with next day delivery when they had got it back in stock? I have asked for a full refund (to which they are yet to reply to). i have never had such bad customer service in my life and I will never buy from them again!

  28. http://www.reviewcentre.com/reviews81634.html

    I was researching these guys and foudn the above link, looks like they no longer provide any level of service.

    I'll have to buy my GHD's direct from GHD to be safe!

  29. i was just about to make a payment for a GHD but after reading the comments here i think i will pass... any suggestions for a more reliable site that ship world wide?

    1. I also have had huge problems with lookfantastic.com. I placed an order in october 2011 and never recieved the item. I wrote to costumer service and I had to sign a form and send it back to them, which I did. It always took several weeks for them to answer my emails and when I didn't hear anything I called costumer service. They said that they had sent the item to me again in november, but I havn't recieved that either. I have bought some other products from them before in november, they all have arrived, so it isn't the address that is incorrect. When I contacted lookfantastic again they said I had to sign the form again and send it to them so they could give me my money back. That was 1.1.2012. Still no money. I will never buy from lookfantastic.com again and will never recommend it.

  30. I used to find Lookfantastic really .....er well....fantastic but over the last six months or so they have lost the plot. I'm not sure whats happened but I am giving up on them and am going to find another site to use (not HQ Hair who are owned by the same people and who I have also had problems with).

    I've had wrong orders delivered and the level of service you receive when trying to sort this out is shocking and makes you think about giving up on online shopping. I've also ordered products to recieve a free gift only to find that the free gift is "sold out" yet they are charging me for it!!!!!

    Like another poster on here I'm going to unsubscribe from their newsletter and take my chances elsewhere!

    Rant over!!!!

  31. I ordered some foundation on the 6th March, they sent me the wrong colour, so after ringing up for a returns number I sent it back for a replacement, along with a letter explaining why (as requested). I also should have received a free gift which I never got. The replacement didn't arrive, so I rang up again and they said they hadn't received it and to email the proof of postage which I did. Then it turned out they had received it in the end.

    I've received 2 automated response emails saying they're aware the order's outstanding and sorry for the wait... It's now over 3 months later, and no sign of it! I've finally asked for a refund, but I'm not keeping my hopes up.

    I do all of my shopping exclusively on-line and have NEVER had this much hassle. Now and again things have gone wrong, but they've always been resolved within a week. Not 3 months and counting!

    My advice is: AVOID.

  32. DO NOT order off this company! They had a promotion running which said if you purchase ANY 2 Kerastase products & receive an 80ml Keratase shampoo & Candle free. I taught this was a good offer so ordered my two Kerastase products & received my order confirmation for all 4 products. The next day i said i would check my account on lookfantastic.com to see if they had been dispatched as i had not heard via email. On my order history is said processing but the 2 FREE PROMOTIONAL gifts were now cancelled! As you can imagine i was fuming so as it was still processing i went to cancel the order ... only to get an automated email straight away saying it was not possible to cancel as it was being dispatched. After numerous emails i finally got a response saying that there was an IT glitch & my full order would be with me soon. However 3 days later i receive an email with my dispatch of only 1 of the free promotional gifts being the candle! I have once again emailed complaining about this but get subbed off each time saying we will look into this & get back to you withing 24/48 hrs. JOKE JOKE JOKE!! AVOID AVOID AVOID

  33. i never write reviews, this is my first time and i think its important to let others know about this company's horrible services.

    i ordered 3 items from them on Oct 18 and it never arrived. they made me wait for 21 working days before they could help me on the package...then they said they will send me a form to fill in BY SNAIL MAIL before they would do anything further.

    THERE IS PACKAGE TRACKING, they should talk to the delivery company and resolve quickly, resend package imeediately or issue refund!!!

    i personally work in e-commerce as well so honestly, THIS IS NO WAY TO DO BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Lookfantastic order number 23151151
    I live in Australia, and I've paid 207 pounds and ordered 2 x GHD metallic gold hair styler + bonus ghd final fix hair spray from ‘lookfantastic.com’ on 13/11/2012.

    On14/11/2012 I've received an email saying the order has been dispatched.

    On28/11/2012 I've received the parcel, it's posted from Belgium, it's a fairly small box, my first thought was there was no way that both of the hair irons could have fit in there. So I opened it up, there was only 2 bottles of the bonus hair spray.

    The next day I wrote to them to explain that I've only received hair spray, but not the hair irons, asking where is the rest of my order.

    On 30/11/2012, I've received an email from lookfantastic saying sorry that my order is missing, they will look into it. I replied the same day explained AGAIN that I've received part of my order, the hair spray, I am still waiting for the 2 x hair irons.

    On 01/12/2012, I've received another email from a girl called Joanne from LF(lookfantastic), saying that she will send me declaration form and she checked stock level there are still stock left, she will be sending the hair iron& hair spray to me within 24 hours.

    I replied again to say thanks for that and I have received the hair spray, no need to send them again.

    On 03/12/2012, I've received another email from LF saying they've checked the tracking number, someone has signed for the parcel, asking me to check with my neighbours if they've taken it!!! This is the parcel of the 2 x bottles of the bonus hair spray that I've explained a million times to them about. They’ve even attached my original inquiry in that same email, where I've clearly said that I have received a parcel and it only had the hair sprays....

    On 04/12/2012, I finally received the declaration form, there is once again a huge mistake on it, it only mentioned 1 x ghd hair styler +bonus hair spray missing. I manually crossed out 1, wrote 2, and crossed out the bonus hair spray, wrote next to it: I've received hair spray, no need to send them again.
    Then I explained the whole situation on the body of the email, as well as on the deceleration form to them once again just in case someone new handles this claim again. I've even attached the photo of the box that the hair spray came in with and also my order confirmation sheet.

    on 05/12/2012, I've received an even more ridiculous email saying that my order has been REFUNDED. And the refund value is only half of what I’ve paid (I’ve paid 207pounds, they’ve refunded $103.50 pounds).

    My frustration is beyond words could describe, and I am total disgusted of the whole experience with lookfantastic.com.

    I would not waste of my time any further trying to sort things out with lookfantastic, I have decided to take this to British consumer authority.

    I have also published my horrifying experience on a local influential Chinese forum, I am sure they will learn from my lesson, too.

  35. DO NOT USE this company to order your beauty products, no free gift as offered and now its 22nd December 2012 and no gift here either, spoke to Krista in customer services, she wouldn't supply her surname as she either didnt know it or couldn't spell it, and was also refused a refund. Please be aware that they are only offering special offers to encourage people to use their website, there are no special offers and you will be lucky to receive you order as well. Please beleive me this is not over yet, totally infuriated and disgusted!!!!!!

  36. This company uses offers of freebies to lure you, I will never use them again. At the start of December I ordered £70 worth of hair products my parcel arrived on the 7th undamaged but with an item missing worth £30.50 (Morrocan Oil) but someone had included a chocolate Bounty Bar !! Are they taking the p--s??? Have been told that the item was despatched would have to wait 21 days before they would investigate, after 21 days I kept emailing them messages on their joke account system which is totally un-customer friendly after failing to get through on phone after 20-30 minutes ( I have now discovered costs 5p minute from BT! God knows what the mobile charges will be) finally got message saying they would send me a non receipt waiver form on 24.12.12 but it is now 3.1.13 & I have still not received it. I know that it is Christmas but I am receiving other post fine. Can you imagine all the complaints they will be dealing with from Christmas ? I feel really sorry for the Australian lady mine is only £31, but I had to pay out to get another Christmas present for my friend. I will do anything I can to warn people of this rubbish service.

  37. I wish i'd found this website before i ordered from this awful company. Please never buy anything from them! they try to trick you by advertising free delivery on their website then they default to express delivery which is £4.95! After emailing them numerous times to explain what was an honest mistake (i only ordered one bottle of hair serum) they refused to refund it. Levels of customer service are truly terrible. Oh and the price of the serum that i order went down by £5 the day after i ordered i.

  38. I've had the same problems. They take ages to deliver, and when my GHD'S came they were faulty. When I asked for a refund (before the 7 day deadline) they said that I had to send it back to GHD to get them repaired.
    Surely they have to refund me - isn't that the law?
    They've been ignoring my emails and this is one of the very worst customer services i've dealt with - they've lost my custom forever. will from now on only shop salon skin care or gorgeous shop

  39. I ordered a product from Look Fantastic - it was not delivered within the 10 days they said it would be. When I tracked it - they said I gave the wrong address (I did not). When I contacted Look Fantastic customer service, they gave me the wrong courier company name and so I had to contact their customer service again. They then told me to contact the courier company myself and organize to collect the package myself - laughable considering I had paid extra for delivery! Finally having trawled through the Look Fantastic site to find the name of the courier company, I contacted them directly and they told me that they had contacted Look Fantastic for a contact telephone number in order to deliver the package but the no body from Look Fantastic got back to them.
    I found the customer service team at Look Fantastic utterly useless at resolving this situation and would not use Look Fantastic in the future, in fact I would go so far as to say that I would dissuade a friend from using Look Fantastic.

  40. The last two orders I placed have not arrived, the customer service is so terrible and they refuse to refund or re-send my items to me until the products arrive back to their warehouse! It's been months now and they still haven't arrived, they keep saying they will check with the warehouse. This site is a huge scam! I will never buy from this store again and urge all people to stay away. I'm now 180 pounds out of pocket. Keep away from this site!

  41. It appears that LF's idea of customer service is having scores of customer service officers armed with standard textbook replies to your genuine concerns and queries. While I understand the need for consistency in how queries are dealt with, I have had my questions and issues brushed aside and ignored with a 'I am sorry... (repeat the obvious)'

    In fact, my credit card was charged for an order I did not complete. I had not even selected the option to pay by credit card for that particular order. However, when I checked on a different order and found that they wanted my credit card details updated, I did just that. Later, I found that I had been charged for the other order that I did not complete. Basically, my card had been charged without my authorisation.

    When I sent a message highlighting this, LF's response was 'I am sorry that your card has been charged, the item has been dispatched and will be due with you shortly.'

    Aside from the fact that I've been charged for an order I did not complete or intend to complete, their response to this has been completely unacceptable. I have shopped at other websites and never had such terrible customer service. Needless to say, I do not trust LF with my credit card details anymore.

  42. Have you still got the email address? I can only find a phone number and I'm calling from Spain

    1. I'm afraid not - the CS lead has left and we don't have the email address of the new one :( Good luck!

  43. jasse.williams@thehutgroup.com




  44. wow. I too wish I saw this website before I placed my orders.
    when my order did not arrive, they requested me to fill up a non receipt if gods form so that they can investigate. they then replied that my order is "still outstanding". How could this have happened when they actually sent me an email that my order had been dispatched and reached the export hub.
    They promised to send a replacement to reach by 2 sept. and I still did not receive anything. Now my orders are 3 months late and wanted me to send them the non receipt of goods again!
    and yes, all their replies come from the same robotic template even when I specifically asked them not to so that I know I am dealing with an actual human.
    Just how is company still manage to stay in operation? this is my first time buying anything online and just my luck to run into them.
    I wrote to their email, messaged them in my LF account and also to their Facebook page. seriously hope they take customers more seriously. jeez

  45. Agreed - horrible company!!!

    My story:

    I ordered - by mistake - a number of items from this place about 2 months ago and wrote immediately to get the order cancelled - no response at all until after 2 days where they have send the package, regardless. Suddenly I do get a response in the form of regret over that order is against my wish has been posted, but that I just need to return it when it arrives.

    The package arrives with the postman after few days and I refuse to receive it, as we (in Denmark at least) usually do in these kind of situations and the package returns by post man.

    This is now 6 weeks ago and it is impossible to get my money refunded!! Why? Because Lookfantastic.com can't find the returnd package. What would assume not to be my problem as I've never had the package in my posession. However; according to Lookfantastic's guidelines (or at least according to their absolutely lousy support) it is my responsibility as I have rejected it.

    Any attempt to explain to them that the package is returning on the same parcel number as when they them self sent it off, and again NEVER were in my possession and therefore can't possibly be my responsibility is speaking for the deaf ears.

    Never again will i shop through that place (despite earlier ok experiences and I actually recommended it to friends several times.. Will undo that mistake asap) - this is the most arrogant and fraudulent place i have come across.

  46. Used to spend €100+ a month on this site, but have avoided this place since a bad experience in 2012.

    Recently I needed some products again and get lured into using this site with a good discount code, what a mistake...

    It has been 14 days now and I have not received my two orders in EU (37198318 & 36930376) and I am sure that I have just wasted €150.


  47. Even in 2014 this company has issues...especially regards cancelling an order. I realised within 24 hours whilst the order was still processing there was a mistake in the basket (this being due to the way their database of items 'hides' certain items i.e they do not show up in any category until one manually enters the name of product in search box.

    At first call to Customer Services in Manchester, United Kingdom [CS] said cannot cancel 1 item even though its not been dispatched. So 2nd call top CS lady told me can cancel entire order not 1 item, so I said ok cancel the entire order. 48 hours later the order is still processing! so 3rd call to CS then told cannot cancel it then why did 1 staff say you can?! also emailed the using response form after 24-48hrs got response that cannot cancel. So great, they are sending out items and whole order that is still processing that money and time will be wasted returning.

    Secondly, I ordered a electrical item this never arrived, was asked to wait 2 weeks and then fill out a form saying I've not received ..it was obvious it was lost as the courier tracking was not updating, even made several calls to courier who said they've not got it. Finally they refunded me.

    Bottom line is:

    This company [LOOKFANTASTIC , part of Hut Group] is ok if things go well with an online order and it works BUT if you have a problem with any aspect of order its almost impossible to resolve or get much useful help with anything. Customer Services itself is waste of service they may as well not have one! But guess it creates some employment for answering the phone and giving set responses, could be solved by having an automated answer message.

  48. Ordered products a year ago, never recieved. Wrote to them countless times. Each time I was told asia is far away so it will take more time. Finally was told to submit a non receipt form online, the website doesn't work. It's bordering on cheating really. Please look for alternative webshops where service matters and you actually get what you pay for.


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