Thursday, 3 December 2009

Limited Edition with Swarovski Crystals

Is it just me, or are a lot of "limited edition" products coming on to the market, curiously in time for Christmas, with Swarovski crystals stuck to them?

Nails Inc have released three "crystal" nail polishes, which are no different to their other polishes, but have many Swarovski crystals on the lid. These are £15 each, so the added bling costs you an extra £4.50 on the usual price of a polish.

Now, call me strange if you like, but my nail polishes live in my house. In my office, actually, so I can paint my nails while I'm on conference calls. I don't really get why I'd want some beautifully embellished nail polish bottles to look at while I'm at home. They aren't art. They aren't adornment either; if something's covered in crystals, I want to be able to take it out with me, preferably attach it to myself in some way, and look at it frequently.

Similarly, Liberty's exclusive Tweezerman tweezers, embellished with purple Swarovski crystals are indeed very pretty. But they cost £75, about £55 more than your average Tweezerman. And again; my tweezers live in my bathroom. Paying that much money for something that's used infrequently, always at home, and cannot really be considered an object d'art to be gazed upon... seems a bit odd to me.

Of course, for those with more money than you can shake a (Swarovski encrusted) stick at, it's not really such a big deal. For us mere mortals though, I'm not sure what the added cost of those crystals actually gets us. So I'll be sticking with my un-adorned, non-sparkly normal editions this year.

If you think differently, you can find the Crystal polishes at for £15, and the tweezers at for £75.

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