Thursday, 17 December 2009

Kao cosmetics (Kanebo, John Frieda, Molton Brown) with some very unsavoury ideas...

Browsing led me to the discovery of this rather eye-watering patent application from the Kao cosmetics company, who own high profile brands including Molton Brown and John Frieda.

It's long and dry to read, but the gist is that the proposed "invention" is to graft human foreskin... yes, you read that right... onto the bodies of mice. The foreskin originally having belonged to a person with dark skin, and the reason being to test out skin-lightening products.

I don't even know where to begin outlining everthing wrong with this. It's enough to say that I will never buy any brands controlled by Kao again.

Sorry Frizz-Eaze, sorry nice-smelling bubble bath, but I'd rather be ungroomed and stinking than play any part in this disturbed and disturbing enterprise.


  1. urgh gross and just wrong! (And wish I hadn't been eating a late lunch while reading that!)

  2. Sorry to have spoiled your lunch Scribbler - maybe better to know about this kind of stuff though I hope?

  3. Yep definitely better to know about it! I can't look at the Kao brands in the same way ever again...

  4. Looks like they also own Biore and Jergens, so another two brands to ignore.


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