Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Hamleys Bath Bomb Factory

Every young girl must have, at some point, made "perfume" out of water and flower petals, or made special bath foam by mixing together the contents of different bottles, George's Marvellous Medicine stylee. I know I certainly did.

Nowadays you can buy proper kits to allow such experimentation - such as Hamley's Bath Bomb Factory, which would make a great gift for a younger teen starting to get into beauty products. The kit contains everything you need to make scented bath bombs, and some other strange bath things I've never heard of (Phunny Phoam, anyone?).

Not only do you end up with some bath products, you also learn about the science behind them (educational! worthy!) and, possibly most importantly, you get to mix chemicals together, and probably make a bit of a mess.

I'd quite like one myself.

If you'd like to buy one for a young person you know (the kit is suitable for ages 10 and up), or for yourself, you can find it for £19 on the Hamleys website.

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