Friday, 11 December 2009

Fun with Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Gel Liner

If I had any glamourous Christmas parties to go to, this is the eye look I'd be rocking. I wore my Collection 2000 glitter liner to work yesterday, and in the evening got to thinking about what else I could do with it.

The look on the right is a light application of MAC Deep Truth eyeshadow (a shimmery deep blue), with a coat of Collection 2000 glitter liner in Hustle (silvery gel with silver/multi glitter) over the top. A coupla coats of mascara (or falsies, for extra drama), some white liner in the corner, and black kohl to waterline and tightline, and the effect is pretty intense, but not over the top (in my glitter-infused world, at least).

This looks quite subtle with the eye open (mostly thanks to my hooded lids) but the full glitter effect can be seen with the eye shut. Another bonus is that this only takes a couple of minutes to do; no complex blending involved, and only one shadow.

The Collection 2000 liner really is budge-proof and won't flake, so no ending up with glitter under the eye or all over the cheekbone. Well, until you take it off, which is another matter, glitter liners being a bugger to completely eliminate.

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