Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Cult Beauty: Are Guerlain Meteorites Worth The Cash?

Guerlain Meteorites are often hailed by beauty editors as a cult product; the perfect finishing powder which gives your skin a beautiful radiance. With a price tag of around £30 for the classic pot of pearls, to around £100 (gulp) for the refillable compact, the cult status is probably enhanced by the exclusivity that such a high end price brings.

The question is though - do the Meteorites actually make a difference to the skin? After all, we're talking about a very expensive finishing powder here - how much of a difference can it make?

I have a pot of the classic pearls in Mythic (shade 01), which I bought Duty Free in the US a while back (I certainly wouldn't pay full price). The pearls themselves are lovely - and in their pretty cardboard pot they look sort of like treasure for fully-grown women. They also have a really lovely, light violet scent. I'll admit to sometimes just smelling them instead of using them.

I don't often reach for them - maybe because I don't want to use such an expensive product as an everyday powder - but today, I've taken a couple of comparison photos.

The before photo shows my skin with just a touch of foundation. The after photo is after a light dusting of the Meteorites powder - I just swirl a big fluffy brush over the surface of the pearls. The difference is very minimal - on the right, my skin does look a bit more even, and a little brighter. But not really enough that I would want to declare Meteorites as must-have as we've been led to believe.

So - if you'd like a powder that sets your foundation, brightens the skin a little bit, and mostly is very luxurious both to use and to look at, then maybe Guerlain's Meteorites are worth the cash. Don't go thinking it's going to make a huge difference to your skin though!

If you'd like to try the Meteorites range yourself, you can find the full range at SlapItOn.

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  1. I have to say I disagree that they dont make a huge difference. I have the Winter Radiance pearls and they make a massive difference to my skin and finish of my make up. I am very fair, but a light dusting gives my face a soft sheen of a perfect make up look. So i have to say without a doubt they are worth it.. although i do always ask for them as a birthday present!!!


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