Saturday, 12 December 2009

Christmas commercialism

There has been a subtle shift in the market's approach to Christmas in recent years. Five years ago, there was no question of getting anything cheap in the run up to Christmas (with perhaps the exception of the Boots 3 for 2 gifts offer). They knew we were going to get presents for our friends and families, and they knew we'd pay full price for them.

Nowadays, companies are falling over themselves to secure their share of your Christmas shopping budget. Competition over those pennies you've been putting aside to treat your loved ones is fierce. The power is definitely in the hands of the consumer.

Which for those of us who love to shop, is of course great news. There are tons of online discounts and deals around right now, with Illamasqua offering a free "Adamant" purple-grey eye pencil with £40 spend and free shipping over £65 until December 17th. MAC has introduced free shipping until midnight tonight (Code: FREESHIP09), and HQ Hair, as Gemma notes below, have knocked 25% off everything in the bid to be your one-stop Christmas shop for hair and beauty.

It's just my luck that this year my purse strings have to be tighter than ever before... although I do have at least one beauty gift that I know is heading my way. (NB I know because I already bought it and gave to my boyfriend to wrap up!)

NARS Everlasting Love palette. It's a limited edition for this Christmas, and it also marks the brand's 15th anniversary. I've always wanted a NARS palette, and when it came to choosing between the Wild at Heart version (red lips and neutral eyes) and Everlasting Love, which has smokey eye shades and neutral lips, there was absolutely no contest. Shades are Edie, Underworld (duo) and Night Breed for eyes, and Chelsea Girls, Dolce Vita, Belle de Jour and Promiscuous for lips. There's also a pan of The Multiple in South Beach and an Orgasm Blush (so I finally get a real benchmark for all the dupes I've been amassing). It costs (cringe) £49. I hope I am worth it.

At least NARS are also offering free shipping until 17th December on orders over £25 - i.e. with pretty much any purchase of 2 or more items.

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