Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Superdrug Haul - GOSH and Elite

I did a haul.

I couldn't help it. The multi-purchase offers made me do it. Elite cosmetics were 2 for 1, and GOSH (as it so agreeably often is) was 3 for 2.

GOSH Eyeshadow Collection 01 Smokey Eye (LE) £8.99
Elite Secret Cheeks Blush £6.85 (much more pink and less orange IRL)
GOSH Extreme Artliner shade 18 £6.85
Elite Repulp! gloss 07 Golden Pink £6.85
GOSH nail polish Wild Lilac £4.89

I feel guilty, but gleeful, like a child who has scampered away from the kitchen with cheeks stuffed with stolen chocolate cake.

I know you'll all be interested to take a look at the GOSH LE palette, so here are some swatches and pics. It is of course designed to help you create Ye Olde Smokey Eye, which as we all know has been "in this season" since the dawn of time, and so is a useful set of staple shades for any collection.

The palette has quite a solid, sleek construction, and the shades are a pigmented low-shimmer finish that I really like. Once I've binned those foam applicators I think I am going to have fun with it. There are nice thorough instructions on the box too, and they even suggest a nail polish shade to complement the look.

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