Friday, 20 November 2009

Silicone & Shampoo Free: One Month In

Last month, I decided to make a radical change in my haircare routine and ditch shampoo and silicones, which in theory would give me softer, less dry hair, with better curl definition. It's now been four weeks since I washed my hair with shampoo - and I'm very impressed with the difference.

My hair is no longer particularly dry; it feels very soft at all times. My curls are much more defined than they ever have been, and even look more ringlet-y than they did before. And frizz? I only really get a little bit of frizz on the second day after washing now.

Two things thus far have convinced me that I'm on to a good thing: firstly, my recent sun-and-sea holiday. Spending most of the day in the sun, in the sea or the pool for a week usually leaves me with hair like straw. Washing my hair every evening with conditioner prevented the damage.

Secondly; I had my colour done very recently. My hairdresser said that she could feel the difference in my hair, that it was smoother and less dry. Since she's been my hairdresser for about 7 years, I'm taking that as a sign of a tangible result.

The only downside I've found is that my roots have a tendancy to get oily slightly quicker than before. Since I previously only washed my hair twice a week, I can cope with a slight increase of co-washing 3 -4 times a week.

As I've just had my colour done, I'm sporting a semi-straight blow dry, so no pictures this week, but I promise to take some next week. So far, so good!


  1. I would like to know if the CG method the way you're doing it (co-washing 3-4 times a week vs shampooing twice a week) has increased or decreased the fade from your color?

    I ask because I used the CG method with great success for a few months before coloring my hair red recently. Now i wonder if I'll go back to CG, I loved the curls it gave me but protecting my color would be more important now.

  2. Hey Trog :) I would say that my colour fades less quickly with 3 or 4 co-washes a week than with 2 shampoos. I've also discovered the trick of using a home-made colour conditioner which boosts the colour between salon visits, which really helps too. I just mix vegetable based colour like Fudge paintbox with a thick silicone free conditioner and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse well. Will do a post on it soon!

  3. Thanks a lot for your answer and great blog!!

    Can't wait for that post, please do include 'Fudge' alternatives and/or descriptions of the type of color it is, because i'm not sure I can get that here in Canada :( Would Manic Panic-type color be the same?

    Thanks again..

  4. Please also mention in your future post if this type of vegetable color treatment tends to last long or not and tends to stain shirts and pillows and whatnot...

    Thanks again again!!


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