Friday, 27 November 2009

Silicone & Shampoo Free: Comparsion Photos

Please ignore the fact that my second photo is so badly focused. I'm not great with a camera, particularly after an evening at the pub!

The left photo shows my hair before I started a shampoo and silicone free regime. The right photo is after about 5 weeks of using nothing but silicone free conditioner and styling products on my hair.

Aside from the main lighting, colour and focus differences, I think that the main difference is that my hair is more curly than it was previously. Before, my curls were concentrated mostly around the back of my head, with the front parts containing a mix of loose curls and waves. After skipping the shampoo and silicone, even the front parts of my hair are curly, particularly in the mid-lengths.

Frizz wise, there doesn't look to be much of a difference. However, the right hand photo was taken after coming home from a night out in London - a very windy night at that. So the fact that the level of frizz there is comparable to the left hand photo, which was taken after a wash and airdry entirely indoors, is a good thing in my book.

I'm pleased enough with the differences in both the feel and look of my hair that I'm going to continue this regime indefinitely.


  1. I'm trying this. I miss my waves. Since I coloured my hair last year, it's been dead straight and boooooo!! Only been doing it 2 days and I'm already noticing increased wave to it, and that's with the Body Shop honey conditioner, which does have some silicone in it. Hopefully new conditioner comes on Friday - Naked Care Sensitive Conditioner. I am WELL excited to see the results. THANKS LBR!!!!

  2. You are totally welcome, glad it's working out well for you! Definitely recommend Original Source conditioners; they're fab for co-washing! :)

  3. I tried my boyfriend's original source one this morning (I've run out of my old honey favourite in preparation for the landing of Naked) and I'm definitely frizzy, but also quite definitely seeing the return of the wave. The boy doesn't see it, but he has corkscrew curls, and anything less than that isn't curly to him!


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