Thursday, 26 November 2009

Review: Superdrug Naturals Coconut/Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner

I love the smell of coconut in the morning. Or in the evening, which is generally when I wash my hair. Such is my love of coconut-scented things that I'm 87% more likely to purchase a hair product if it smells of coconut (that's a scientific fact). And this was the case for this Superdrug Naturals intensive conditioner, which I picked up at the weekend.

Firstly, this product is cheap. Priced at just £1.85 for 400ml, this is definitely a bit of a bargain. Don't think that you're getting an inferior quality product though, oh no. This is one of the nicest intensive conditioners I've tried in a while. Gently scented with a sweet but not excessively sweet, very mildly coconutty scent, this is a very thick and rich product. Think butter at room temperature thick.

A good scoop distributed through the ends of the hair, and left on for a few minutes, left my hair feeling very soft, shiny, and well moisturised. Despite being silicone free, this product has that extra bit of 'slip' that I've been missing, and really feels like it's making a difference to my hair.

The only downside is that because of it's thickness, it can take a little longer than usual to rinse out of the hair. But that's a fairly minor point, and something I'm more than willing to do for such a lovely - and budget friendly - product.

If you'd like to try it yourself, you can get it at for £1.85.


  1. I saw this in SD last week and liked the look of it lots, glad to hear it lives up to my hopes!! I'm with you on that slip feeling... love it when you're rinsing.

  2. I'm so sad, I used to purchase it for the last year in HK but now I can't find anymore after coming back to Korea. Do you know any web-site where I can get this product?
    Superdrug homepage notices that they don't sell this product now.

    Kim in Seoul.

  3. Hi Kim! If you can't find it on Superdrug's website, I'd suggest you try eBay, perhaps - not going to be widely sold outside of Superdrug as it's an own brand product!

  4. I hope they still sell this it sounds fab and great price too.A good tip ladies if you`ve a Poundland near you its worth checking out,I managed to get 8 tubs of Naked deep conditioner 500ml,which were £8 in Boots !!
    I've not seen any since put they have different stuff all the time even Rimmel make-up and their false nails are great (glues rubbish though)


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