Saturday, 14 November 2009

Review - Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz/Creative Scentualization

For several years, "my" scent has been Pure Grace by Philosophy, which is a light "shower fresh" fragrance that fits into what the beauty world has termed the "my-skin-but-better" school of fragrances.

Due to my magpie-like nature and love of variety, I have been compelled to seek out other scents of this type, and have discovered and loved Carriere by Gendarme, Clean Ultimate by D'Lish and Dirty by B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful - all of which pay a persuasive tribute to just-out-of-the-shower freshness and naturally nice-smelling skin. (I'm possibly making it sound here as if I don't wash or have some BO problem, but I assure you that's not the case.)

So this led me to the discovery of Perfect Veil, a slight twist on the theme. It's not a "fresh" or soap-and-water scent, rather it's a very light, slightly musky, slightly sweet "skin" smell.
From the Sarah Horowitz site;

"The concept behind this scent was to recreate the smell of clean, naked skin ... only better. Exquisite and subtle when worn alone, it may also be layered to increase any fragrance's warmth and staying power. This scent captured an immediate following upon its release as well as the attention of the national press. Perfect Veil is enjoyed by both men and women."

"Warmth" is the key factor here - as soon as I apply this I get a cosy wood-type top note, slightly cloying even, which gives way to a heart that is very much animal and musky rather than soapy or breezy like my other favourites. It's sweet, but it's a kind of complex, edgy sweetness with a definite sensual edge of "dirt" (I know there's probably a proper perfumer-word for that, but it's what springs to mind) in there too.

It has excellent lasting power,
something that Pure Grace in particular lacks, and it sticks around as a calmer and more subtle presence as the day or evening progresses. I would absolutely wear this on a date, or as my scent on a night out. I think it's a bit "rawrr!" for daytime, but maybe I'm just inured to my "safe" clean scents.

I really recommend this one - it's available from Luckyscent, who do a great sample service. You can try this one out for $3 for a 0.7ml vial.

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