Thursday, 5 November 2009

Review: Method Almond Flower Hand Wash

Full disclosure: We were sent this product by a PR to review on the LondonBeautyReview. That doesn't mean that the following review is biased; we promise to give the same honest opinions for all products, whether we paid for them ourselves or were given them to try out.

My first thought, when I received this handwash, was that it looks quite cool. Under the cardboard sleeve, the bottle is square, textured, and very chunky. I imagine that if you had a shiny ultra modern bathroom, this'd look right at home in it.

Method describe themselves as "people against dirty", and sell a small range of handwash and baby toiletries alongside a range of household cleaners. Their USP is that they make products which are derived from "plants not chemical plants", and are against animal testing. Their products are free from "parabens, EDTA or antibacterial agents" and their packaging is all recyclable.

Priced at £3.99, this handwash is the moisturising Almond Flower variety. The first time I tried it, I was surprised by how much effort I had to put into getting a lather - unlike conventional handwashes, the Method product doesn't produce masses of foam. I'm guessing that's down to the lack of SLS in the ingredients; the lack of SLS means that straight off, this product won't be quite so drying as other handwashes. The scent is light and pretty; it smells creamy and gently floral, is definitely not overpowering, and doesn't linger once you've dried your hands. And indeed - it cleaned my hands perfectly well, and left them feeling very soft compared to other handwashes I've used in the past.

If you're a green-thinking person, this product might appeal to you with its earth-friendly credentials. For me, I'll happily use the rest of the bottle, and may well repurchase if I happen across it.

If you'd like to learn more, or try it for yourself, you'll find more info and an online shop at Method's website.

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