Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Review: Collection 2000 Glam Metallics Coloured Liquid Eyeliner

Since my last Collection 2000 foray, Glam Crystal Liner, turned out to be so damn good, I decided that I'd buy another one. As I chose my new colour I noticed another liner product in some lovely looking colours. Glam Metallics Coloured Liquid Eyeliner purports to be a metallic, water resistant liquid liner, and comes in 6 jewel toned shades. I picked up Ripped, a metallic purple.

Unfortunately I was disappointed by the product itself; while the glitter liner gives opaque coverage after two coats, this one definitely doesn't - the liner itself is slightly watery and after two coats the colour was still too sheer for my liking. It did have a slight metallic sheen, but without the depth of colour behind it, the overall effect was a bit meh.

If you'd like to try it for yourself, you can find the Collection 2000 range at Boots, Tesco, or Superdrug. Mine was £2.63 from Boots. You can also learn more at Collection 2000's website.

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