Thursday, 12 November 2009

Review: Collection 2000 Glam Crystal Dazzling Gel Liner

I picked up one of Collection 2000's glitter eyeliners recently while shopping at Tesco - mostly because I was attracted by the highly sparkly purple shade just calling me from the display. And man, am I glad I did!

I absolutely adore anything with glitter in it, and as a result I have a few different glitter eyeliners which unfortunately don't really get used that often. The ones I've tried in the past have always been slightly flaky, fairly sparsely glittery, and generally a bit of a waste of time.

But not this one, oh no. The glitter is pretty dense, and two coats applied thinly along my upper lashline gave me a fully opaque, beautifully glittery line of colour. Not only was the colour and application fantastic ; it also lasted all day without flaking, smudging or budging. And at only £2.93 each, I'll definitely be buying a few more - especially as this is the first product in some time that has had people asking what I'm wearing, because it looks great!

You can find out more at the Collection 2000 website; these are widely available at Boots, Tesco, and Superdrug.

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