Sunday, 1 November 2009

Review - Cargo Oil Free Foundation

I'm not normally a foundation-wearer. I'm so bad at mornings that those who have to face me first thing are lucky if I manage concealer, mascara and brows (my three must-have de-zombification products).

However in addition to chronic AM-o-phobia, I must also admit to being totally succeptible to bargains. So when Gemma tipped me off about Cargo's prices being slashed down to 75% off at Sainsburys, I had to nip down and look for some deals.

Intrigued by the pouch packaging (and also motivated by the fact that pretty much all the eye products and blushes had already been magpied up by other bargain-hunters), I picked up the Oil Free Foundation for just £4.40 (original price £17.60).

Trying it on at home, I'm absolutely delighted. It slips on so smoothly and instantly sinks into the skin - perhaps because there are various silicones in the mix (so if silicone breaks you out, do be wary). It provides a light veil of colour that evens out skintone and still looks completely natural. In fact it's probably the most wearable foundation I and my normal-dry skin own, and despite being oil-free (usually a bad sign for me) it wears so comfortably I'd add an extra 5 minutes to my morning just to have the pleasure of putting it on. If you need heavier coverage you may prefer a thicker formula, but for natural looking day to day wear this is excellent.

Oil Free Foundation comes in ten shades, from pale ivory F 10 (which I bought) to dark chocolate F 100.

Find Cargo at Sainsburys (while you can!) or check out their new stands at Boots.

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