Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Review: Boots Essentials Curl Creme

As part of my new shampoo-free routine, I had heard a lot of very good things being said about Boots Essential Curl Creme, which is a silicone free styling product which apparently can be used on wet or dry hair. Last time I was in Boots, I took the opportunity to pick one of these up.

The curl cream is a fairly thick product with more of a gel texture than a cream one. It claims to "smooth away frizziness and hold your curls". And it really does deliver - a small dab distributed through wet hair gives light hold while the hair dries - resulting in significantly less frizz. I also felt that the cream was slightly moisturising - my curls were not only less frizzy, but also very smooth and shiny.

The one downside is that as with many curl products with build-in hold, you can end up with a slightly crunchy feeling 'do after air drying - but this is easily scrunched out, and well worth it for the definition the product provides.

Best thing about this product? The price. For just £1.29, you get a whopping 250ml of product, and given that you need so little, the tub should last for ages. I'm bowled over by this product - really wasn't expecting this kind of performance for this price.

Boots Essentials Curl Creme, £1.29 for 250ml at Boots.com.


  1. I've always looked for something that would make my curls look nice and not break the bank, I'm currently using a L'oreal Tecni-Art thingy and that's nice, but you use a lot of it and it's not cheap.

    I've never seen this in Boots before because I've never consciously looked for it but I will now.



  2. I have been using this product for a while now. I've tried loads of other(and much more expensive)products and always end up retuning to this. I have corkscrew curly hair and this is the best product I have found for definition and control. A little does go a long way.


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