Sunday, 15 November 2009

New shades from Boots No. 7 - Totally Teal

I buy my lunch from Boots nearly every day at the moment, and I usually pick up something or other I need at the same time. As a result I end up with a wallet full of free £5 No.7 vouchers every time Boots do that promotion. If I get around to using them, it's usually nail polish I buy, as the voucher brings the price down to less than £2.

Although the latest run of the voucher promotion has now expired, another one is sure to be along soon, so I was very interested to see 3 new shades of nail polish added to the range. As well as a deep silver/gunmetal and (I think!) a deep purple colour, there's a shade called Totally Teal.

I happened to be wearing Illamasqua's "Muse" teal polish the day I noticed these, and the colour match between my nails and the look of the colour in the bottle was pretty much dead-on.

I can't imagine the Boots' polish will have the same creamy opacity or lasting power as Muse, but it could prove to be a great value dupe, and No.7 nail polish is usually quite good quality. Keep it in mind for the next £5 voucher promotion!

There are also 3 new glitter eyeliners from No.7, but having seen Gemma's rave about Collection 2000's budget version, I think I'll visit c2000 for my glitter needs.

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