Tuesday, 24 November 2009

In defence of cleansing wipes

One of the things I like best about reading Beaut.ie is that they aren't afraid to say what they think. I regularly laugh out loud when reading Aisling and Kirstie's opinions about things like Clarins moisturiser ("bangs like arse") and their own barnets ("I have POXY hair. I hate it"). However one thing I disagree about is their dislike of cleansing wipes.

Fair enough they aren't as good as a proper wash, and I wouldn't advocate using them as a replacement for "proper" skincare practices. But cleansing wipes are a versatile and highly practical invention that have a multitude of uses.

Here are my 10 compelling reasons for buying, using and loving cleansing wipes.

1. They are great for when you're drunk. Or tired. Or just can't be bothered with the whole "routine".

2. They make a great touch-up/mistake remover tool to have on hand while you're doing your makeup. Lauren Luke always uses wipes to tidy up mistakes when she's doing her tutorial videos, which is good enough endorsement for me.

3. They are also good for quickly cleaning your brushes after use to get the worst of your grip-tight hardcore waterproof liner off before it dries into an indestructible mass.

4. And while we're at the makeup table, wipes are also handy for dampening your brush when you're applying eyeshadow wet.

5. Keeping a pack of wipes in your bag is a good way to keep your hands clean while travelling. They make me feel slightly less revolting after I've been on the tube, and they're nots as drying as alcohol-based antiseptic gels.

6. Wipes can be a good ladies-loos last minute fix for frizzy hair before a date or meeting, especially the moisturising varieties. Just run lightly over the frizz for instant taming.

7. This may sound odd, but they're also very good for cleaning your keyboard.

8. Wipes don't do the full business on their own, we are agreed. But using them to remove a cream cleanser can work very well, and if you follow with toner and moisturiser you get a very thorough job.

9. Use a wipe or two to get all the loose shadow dust and powder off the inside of your makeup bag and the surfaces of other products after a spillage or packaging leak.

10. Lie back with a wipe folded over each eye to help quell a headache or hangover.

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  1. I concur, used to always take a box of the No. 7 cleansing wipes with me when overnighting somewhere - much more portable than cleanser, eye makeup remover, and cotton.

    Great tips :)


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