Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Bobbi Brown Releases Mini Shimmerbricks for Christmas

Bobbi Brown has released new travel size Shimmer Bricks as a Christmas limited edition. Now housed within a swanky metal compact, there are three colours available - Plum, Nectar and Sandstone.

But here's the thing - each of these mini shimmer bricks costs a £42. That's significantly more than the regular sized-shimmer brick in the normal black plastic packaging, which costs £29.

The Bobbi Brown website makes it very difficult to compare the relative sizes of the bricks; the mini ones are described as being "5cm by 5cm" in size (which is really rather tiny), and the full size ones are described as ".4oz / 10.3g". Still, I don't think I could in any way justify spending £13 more on a smaller product, just because of the metal casing.

If you feel differently, you can find the whole shimmerbrick range at Bobbi Brown's website.

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