Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sanctuary Microdermabrasion Body Renewal - the scourge of Keratosis Pilaris?

Huh - Blogger seems to have eaten the post I wrote about this last night. Boo on you, Blogger! So you will have to come to terms with the mystery of what I may have orginally written about Sanctuary's Microdermabrasion Body Renewal, available from Boots for £8.99, and make do with the rehashed version below.

The thing is that I have always had "arm bumps", for as long as I can remember. Many of you will too - it affects nearly half the population. The condition (proper name Keratosis Pilaris) results from inefficient cell turnover around the follicles, leading to a "bump" of dead cells clogging the pores. It looks a bit like goosebumps, and doesn't usually itch or cause discomfort (unless like me you can't resist the temptation to pick at your "bumps").

However it can make people feel self-conscious, look unsightly and the skin can be rough to the touch, so treatment options for it are frequently sought. The condition is genetic and can be treated, but never cured. Most treatments focus on mechanically performing the turnover of dead cells that the skin does not do for itself - so you have to keep it up on a regular basis to maintain results, otherwise the skin left to its own devices will re-accumulate "bumps".

Every so often I get annoyed with mine and try a regime such as dry-brushing, pumice, coconut oil, various scrubs etc. but I am never impressed enough by the results to keep it up and sooner or later I resign myself to having bumpy arms once again.

So I was interested to learn that the highly-respected spa line Sanctuary have created a microdermabrasion product that is specifically designed to smooth out KP. Using micro-silicates (very small crumbs of fossilised seashells) it resurfaces the skin on the body, and used a couple of times a week has apparently produced results in 9 out of 10 KP sufferers.

(I say "sufferers" but it's really not that awful a condition - "mildly unsatisfied people" would probably be more accurate.)

I have decided to give it a go - I currently use the Sanctuary Spa microdermabrasion product on my face and I am very happy with the results there. For £8.99 (200ml) it won't break the bank either.

Stay tuned for results...


  1. Very curious to try this one out. Stupid arm bumps...

  2. You should try L'Oreal Exfotonic - it contains AHAs to melt away the dreaded skin build-up and leave you beautifully bump-free! It also has gritty bits that actually feel like they might do something, rather than lovingly caress your bumps leaving them perfectly intact. It's often on two-for-one offers in Superdrug too. I swear by it!

  3. Hey guys - I've had to shelve this test for a bit because I've got some very annoying dermatitis on my arms. But stay tuned!

    La - I have heard that AHAs are very good for arm-bumps. I have a bit of a boycott on L'Oreal though because of their animal testing practices. I will take your useful advice though and seek AHA-containing products next time I'm attempting to kill my bumps. Maybe AHA moisturiser after shower? Hmm.

  4. Sarah - I've found that there's a potential link between parabens and Keratosis Pilaris - Some non-L'Oreal AHA body lotions that might be worth a look: Evolve Radiance Boost Smoothing Cream, Eminence Naseberry Body Lotion and even good ol' Dove Pro-Age. I know Unilever are against animal testing where possible, so I don't know how you feel about that last suggestion. I'm eager to try some of these out; I wonder if the Eminence and Evolve products are paraben-free...


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