Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Barbie beauty at New Look - yet another doll-based collection

When MAC did a Barbie collection, I was surprised. When Stila did a Barbie collection, I was mildly curious. Now, New Look have done a Barbie collection. New Look aren't even a makeup company! What gives?

The collection between a blonde pneumatic doll and cosmetic lines is not obvious to me at all. Perhaps it's some kind of branding link aimed at snaring young consumers into makeup purchasing? Maybe it's nostalgia marketing, designed to pique the interest of the young-at-heart? Perhaps Mattel are putting feelers out into a new industry and are using the Barbie brand as a kind of bridge?

Very odd. The New Look Barbie collection is released in stores this weekend and features lipgloss, blush, mascara, lashes, palettes, nail sets, a face mask, a bronzer kit, and even accessories like pyjamas, makeup bag and a watch, according to the press release we received (though not apparent on the website). The release coincides with Barbie's 50th anniversary. And, obviously, the Christmas shopping season.

The range looks cute, and would be a fun gift for anyone you know with a soft spot for the pocket-sized bombshell. It looks relatively upmarket too. One thing we do notice is that the branding on the products is the same as the MAC range - a logo of a head with a high ponytail in profile. The photography looks similar too. I wonder what went on between the three companies!

If you want to get "dolled up" (arf!) like the pink mannequin, check out the collection at Pricing starts at £4.00 and ranges up to £30 for the larger items.

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