Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cargo: Out At Sainsburys, In At Boots

A quick lunchtime bit of speculation - having just popped out to Sainsbury's for a salad, I noticed that the Cargo display was looking rather sparsely stocked, and that a whopping 75% off was being offered on the remaining products.

I controlled myself and snapped up only one thing; one of their little lipglosses for a very cheap £2.20.

This, combined with the recent increase in Cargo products available in Boots stores and online, makes me wonder whether Cargo are heading out of Sainsburys and into Boots. Checking out the Cargo website seems to support this; their international stockists list shows lots of Boots locations, and no Sainsburys locations at all. Looks like Cargo is about to become much easier to find!

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