Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Ruby and Millie's little sister - Scarlet and Crimson for Christmas at Boots

It's that time of year - Boots unleash a new horde of 3 for 2 Christmas gifts, which colonise a hallowed region of shelves amongst which beauty junkies wander, going "ooh, I'd like that" and "Oh! Perfume miniatures!". I myself have every single year since I can remember coveted the huge £70 No.7 artist's palette - although even when it was half price last year nobody has ever bought for me. Sniff.

Anyway, this year sees the usual feast of covetable items in haircare, skincare, bath and body and of course colour cosmetics. There's also a brand new range called Scarlet and Crimson, developed by Ruby and Millie for teenage girls.

There are a range of gifts available from the line, all of which would be highly recommended for any junior beauty addicts or curious offspring (get out of my traincase!) you might know.

And if you don't know any, you could always pick something up for yourself - for example "In the shadows" palette (pictured above) costs just £10 for 12 miniature shadows in a lovely range of colours.

But wait - it's 3 for 2! And surely you've got to take advantage of a deal like that, right? I'd probably pick the awesome-looking FCUK eye and lip palette (£8, pictured right) and Good Works Good to Go gift bag (£8) to go with it.

There, isn't your wallet easier to carry now it's so much lighter?


  1. Far too many lovely Soap and Glory sets for me. Must remember I have a bathroom full of Soap and Glory and DO NOT need any more...

  2. Tell me about it... one of these days I need to totally cull the shelf full of bath products I've had for the last aeon.


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