Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Review: Steam Cream - Worth the Hype?

Steam Cream launched last year with great fanfare, claiming to be a multipurpose cream made with "pure, unrefined steam for maximum absorption". Pure steam, according to Wikipedia, is steam that's not been allowed to mix with air, but unrefined steam? I'm not sure quite sure what that means.

Anyhow, I've owned a pot of Steam Cream for a little while now, and have found it to be a very rich but conversely light textured. It feels very silky to the touch, and true to the marketing, is very easily absorbed. Over time, though, the cream has started to become thicker in texture - it's still light, but noticeably less light than when it was opened (around 2 months ago).

In my opinion, this isn't a multipurpose cream in that you can use it on your face and on your body. I've used this on my face a few times, and have found it makes my (fairly dry) skin quite oily. In addition to this, it is very heavily scented - mostly lavender, and so strong that my husband complains that I smell "like a hippy" if he's nearby when I apply it. The high proportion of fragrance alone is a good enough reason for me not to want to put it on my face any more!

For dry hands, elbows, feet - this is a lovely rich cream, but in no way anything extraordinary. If you'd like to try it yourself, you can find buy it direct from the Steam Cream website, where it costs £9.95 for 75ml, and comes in a variety of funky tins.

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  1. This product have some parabens. This has been found in breast cancer tissue and it has been widely proven that it messes up your hormone levels, acting as if it was estrogen and all that. It's not the worst there is, but personally I prefer as little unnatural substances as possible.
    It is very possible to make a cream without it, only it wouldn't last as long. I wrote to the company and suggested a smaller version so that it is actually used up within those couple of weeks. They told me that if more came along with the same thought, they'd think about it.
    If more write a little enquiry to them stating the same as me, we could all feel a teensy weensy bit safer, who's with me? ;)


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