Thursday, 15 October 2009

Review: Cargo Plant Love Lipstick

Alright - Gemma has totally put me to shame with her prodigious posting this week, so here's a review of a recent purchase of mine. The eco-rama right-on feel-good Plant Love Botanical lipstick from Cargo.

Plant Love is a range of products that are organic and made from recycled/natural materials and packaging. You can ogle the full range at Cargo's website, but currently only a small selection of the lipsticks area available at the Cargo counters in selected Sainsbury's across the UK. They are accredited by ECO-CERT, are paraben-free, incorporate a charity donation in the RRP, and generally are totally halo-worthy.

As I'm slowly (and sometimes unwillingly) opening my eyes to health and ethical issues related to my beauty obsession, this range is great news for me, even if it does demand a slight suspension of disbelief to embrace the idea that a high-end lipstick is going to contribute significantly to solving the world's problems. "Be the Change"(TM) says Cargo, in their Plant Love strapline. I could probably be a more effective agent for change by doing voluntary work, giving money to charity, or helping a homeless person in the street by buying them a meal with my £13. But anyway.

The lipstick I'm modelling for you below is "Lola", designed by Denise Richards (and named after her daughter). It comes in a plastic-looking tube that is in fact made from corn - although you wouldn't know it had you not been told. Instead it feels like basic Boots Natural Collection-style white packaging - not luxurious, but not horrible either. The tube is printed with 70s-esque pink floral designs. Meanwhile the outer box is made of recycled paper that has been embedded with wildflower seeds. Apparently if you plant the box, the seeds will grow into a plant. Cute.

The lipstick itself is rather nice to wear. It manages to be non-sticky and also non-slippy at the same time. It almost feels like wearing nothing at all on the lips. The effect would be matte except for the shimmer particles in the formula - the colour is actually dry to the touch once applied. Unlike other matte formulas (and this is a frequent accusation about mattes from MAC, for example) it's not particularly drying either.

As for the shade, I absolutely love it. It's a warm neutral with a bit of a kick to it that really brightens up the whole face without being too attention-grabbing. Well done Denise! Well done Cargo! Pats on the back all round. Plant Love Botanical Lipstick retails at the VAT-weird price of £12.72.


  1. Really pretty colour on you, Sarah!

  2. Cheers! Would suit you too. Get back to Sainsos and see if the 50% off still applies.


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