Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Naked Bodycare

Naked is a relatively new company producing what they claim to be "97% natural" products. "Natural" is a word slapped upon many beauty products nowadays, often completely meaninglessly, so what exactly do Naked claim is different about their products?

According to their website, the products are entirely paraben, petrochemical, SLS and phthalate free. All of these ingredients are widely used in cosmetics and toiletries, but there are arguments for ditching some of them - for example, SLS is considered by some as too harsh for curly hair. As Naked's products are SLS free, they could be a more gentle cleansing option.

Whether you're a believer in the more "natural" approach or not, Naked have a wide range of products to try including shampoos, conditioners, facial skincare, body care, and bath and shower products. They're also all reasonably priced; most of the range costs £3.91, with none of the products costing more than £7.82. I've just bought a tube of their conditioner, so reviews will be forthcoming!

If you'd like to try out the range for yourself, you can find them at Boots, or buy online through the Naked website.


  1. I've used their shower gels and I really liked them. They then sent me hair stuff to try after reading my review but I wasn't convinced it was moisturising enough for my hair so gave it away on my blog. Their Coco de Mer stuff smells gorgeous.

  2. I agree on the Coco de Mer - had a bottle of the bath foam and it was indeed gorgeous. Just a shame the foam faded away before I was done in the bath!


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