Monday, 12 October 2009

More Info on Lush Synaesthesia Treatment

Lush has ventured into spa treatments in the form of Synaesthesia, a massage that also includes a full soundtrack and a variety of scents that purports to be a "multi-sensory massage". This weekend I popped into Lush to stock up on a few bits and bobs, and asked one of the assistants for some more info; namely, the duration and the price.

The massage lasts for 1.5 hours, with a consultation before and after the treatment, so I was advised that clients should schedule 2 hours for the whole thing. The cost is a hefty £125, which is a fairly high end price. I rather like the concept of the treatment, but for that price I can't see myself being tempted unless someone gifts me one or unless I indulge for my next birthday treat.

If you'd like more info on the treatment itself, you can find a description on Lush's website, and there's a YouTube video here. 4 stores currently offer the treatment, with more to come.

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  1. Hmm, I sense that you're going to be nagged by the idea of this until someone buys you a voucher or you decide to treat yourself. A bit like me and my IPL unit craving...


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