Tuesday, 13 October 2009

MAC New Website; Style Black, Dazzleglass Creme Online Now

The US MAC site had an overhaul a few months back, and it seems that the UK site has finally followed suit. There's a new Colour Play feature, which takes all of MAC's products and arranges swatches by colour, so you can find products by shade. The collection graphics are much, much bigger and bolder than they were on the old site, making the new site more difficult to sneakily browse whilst at work. Not that we do that sort of thing. Ahem.

In other notable MAC website news, Style Black is available online, with the most in-demand product, the black Greasepaint Stick, in stock at the time of writing. Dazzleglass Creme, a new collection of Dazzleglasses, is also available online now.

If the temptation proves to be too much for you, as it might be for me, you can find all these lovely things at maccosmetics.co.uk.

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  1. Oh ho! It's alright when you work from home though Gemma. There are no server-gestapo to watch you. I on the other hand open illegal browser windows with a cold sweat of fear and apprehension... anyway, this looks lethal. I am going to have a play with it at the weekend, though I expect Greasepaint will be long gone by then sadly.


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