Friday, 30 October 2009

Lovely Things: Leighton Denny "Best Seller" Nail Colour

Leighton Denny make some excellent high-end hand and nail products, and are responsible for probably my favourite ever nail colour - Best Seller. It's a beautiful rich raspberry red colour, with silver and red glitter. It's not too flashy, not too sparkly, applies beautifully, and is almost-opaque in one coat (I always apply two coats for extra depth and sparkle).

Given my recent not-so-hot nail polish experience, one of the absolute best things about this polish is that it lasts. The photo on the left was taken two days in, and although there's a touch of tipwear, there are no chips, and the colour still looks fresh and shiny. Definite win for me.

Leighton Denny nail colours are £9.79 for 12ml from Helen Marks online, or can be found in numerous other places, including high end nail salons.

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