Monday, 26 October 2009

Cargo Giftset Spotted At Boots

I'd been hoping that Boots' decision to stock Cargo LashActivator mascara would lead to them stocking the whole Cargo range; it's only available at Sainsbury's over here, and a wider distribution could only bring joy to more beauty junkies.

Looks like Boots is starting to slowly expand the range with the introduction of the 7 in 7 gift set which is available as part of the Christmas collection - named thusly because it contains 7 products to allow you to "get gorgeous in just 7 minutes". The set, which includes full size foundation/concealer, eyeshadow, blusher, eye pencil, lipliner, lipgloss, and the LashActivator mascara itself, retails for a comparatively tiny price of £35.

Unfortunately there's only one variation of the set available, so don't expect to get the perfect foundation shade with this one. The blurb says that the foundation is suitable for fair/medium skin; often for me, this means way too dark. But still, even discounting the foundation, that's still a good price - I'd certainly be very pleased to receive this for Christmas.

Cargo 7 in 7 set, £35 at


  1. They have this at "my" Boots and I tested the foundation the other day. It's a bit dark for you I think. Also the eyeshadows are pretty "meh" shades. Since you already have the LA I think you should skip this one and get a UD Book of Shadows instead. Minimum sparklies, I promise!

  2. I was severely tempted by this today - SERIOUSLY - but I managed to talk myself down, it's all colours I own already - and repeat ... ;)


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