Saturday, 10 October 2009

Black is the new everything

If you've kept your eye on the trends arriving on the counters this season, you'll already have noticed the colours of summer giving way to an overwhelming tide of black. No, I'm not talking figuratively about the recession, I'm referring to the latest collections. For example, Chanel's Collection Noirs Obscurs (see pic), and MAC's Style Black.

You might think that such a stark look wouldn't capture the imagination of the average counter shopper, who could be forgiven for associating black lipstick and heavy liner with a teenage flirtation with Gothdom or Halloween facepaint.

But it turns out that the black lipstick, gloss, eyeshadow, liner and especially polish have been absolutely flying off the shelves, embraced wholeheartedly by consumers and makeup artists alike. Every MAC counter I visited on the day of Style Black's release had sold out of most of the collection, with the Grease Paint stick being the darling product of the bunch. It's a thick Shadestick-like crayon that's meant to be worn smudged, but sticks reliably in place once it's dried down.

So who is wearing their black products out and about? Have you seen any black lips or fingertips out on the street? Or do you sport this look yourself? Let us know in the comments.


  1. I haven't seen anyone with black lips (then again, I live in the back of beyond - they've only just cottoned onto skinny jeans here), but really want the nail polish and Grease paint stick from this collection - just trying to wait until pay day!

  2. I'd invest now if you can - they've made the darn things limited edition. Though I did hear a rumour the black one may end up permanent.

    I've not seen any black lips around here either, but I will report if I do!


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