Thursday, 23 July 2015

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Blushes in Indecent and Score

Urban Decay have a new blush out - meet Afterglow 8 Hour Blush.  It's a simple powder blush which claims to give a 'sexy, lit-from-within glow' and lasts 8 hours on the cheeks.

Left to right:  Indecent, Score
The packaging is, as usual for UD, a little bit unusual - the pewter plastic cases are very striking, and the mesh underlayer and cutout top are very, very sexy indeed.  This sexiness comes at a cost, though - there's no space for a mirror in the compact.

Indecent, Score

The blushes themselves are lovely - the powder is finely milled and soft, and blends very easily across the skin.  I found that the pigmentation levels are distinctly medium - a light swirl gives enough pigment for my skin without any risk of clownface.  Indecent is a matte, coral pink, and Score is a pink with a touch of shimmer - both flatter my skin and do indeed last the full 8 hours they claim.

Indecent (the blusher, not me)

I personally prefer Score for the flushed effect, but Indecent is also lovely for a slightly more contoured look.  Overall, I'm pretty impressed with these blushers - although I do wish the compacts had a mirror for ease of use on the go and on my cluttered dressing table.  They're £19.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Superspendy superflutter: Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara

Ever heard of Santhilea?  No, me neither.  Whoever they are, they have managed to create a mascara that gives incredibly fluttery long lashes, using a two step system of black mascara and black fibres.

To use it, you're best off applying one eye at a time - otherwise the mascara starts to become too dry to properly adhere the fibres.  Simply apply one coat of black mascara (which does little but darken your lashes), then stroke the fibre-laden-brush upwards from root to tip.  This'll catch lots of fine fibres onto the lashes, which you then smooth and comb into place with a second and final coat of mascara.

The result is pretty enough - fluttery, long, well separated and full - but it is a bit of a faff.  This is not a mascara for speedy application in the morning if you're running late for work.  If you're taking your time with your makeup, and looking for lashes which appear naturally beautiful, it's great - and you can even continue layering to get an even more dramatic effect.  I'm too lazy to go beyond three motions, but even the one coat looks great - and removes the need for falsies.

My only major problem with this product?  The price.  At £24.99, I expect miracles - I expect, basically, full lashes which look like false lashes from the first application, full of drama and so fluttery that they cause a discernible breeze.  The first application is much more daytime appropriate, though, and I don't need to spend six minutes and £25 for daytime appropriate lashes.  If you're curious to try the system yourself, you'll find it at Cult Beauty - but I'll be sticking to my Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, which gives a similar look more quickly and for less cash.

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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Like covering yourself in edible holiday: Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Coconut Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion

This particular sample has been languishing in my cupboard for a few weeks, and I'm pretty glad I've finally brought it out into the sunshine.  Spray moisturisers are nothing new; this one, from Palmer's, is the first attempt at a spray moisturiser from a brand known for it's heavy duty skin softening concoctions.

Being a lazy, lazy person, my wish is for a moisturiser I can spritz on and then forget about - I'm too lazy really even to rub it in.  And this one, it fits my wishes - but at a price.  The nozzle disperses a superfine mist of lotion which is definitely light enough to spritz on and go.... if you want to spend ten minutes cleaning up your bathroom afterwards.  So fine is the mist that it gets bloody everywhere, leading to a hasty clean, as I've caused my husband to slip in the shower more than once through lazy moisturising efforts.  Spray a little closer and you get a little pooling on the skin, which definitely requires to you rub, but not to scrub (boom boom!).

Moisture wise, this stuff is, like, seriously hydrating - my skin felt soft and silky after use, and remained so throughout the day.  The real draw for me, though, is the scent - it's cocoa buttery, coconutty, slightly chocolatey and smells like holidays and sunshine and yummy things.  I smelled like a yummy thing afterwards too.  And my clothes did too, because I put them on too fast.  Oops, but not a bad oops.

At £4.99, this spray lotion is definitely worth a try - particularly if you like smelling like holidays, and either enjoy cleaning or don't mind a bit of rubbing in.  Find it at Boots.

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Thursday, 16 July 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Nail Polish in Scarlet Century and Rebel Blues

I usually hate double-ended nail polishes, finding them nearly impossible to apply smoothly because of the bulk and weight of the other end.  These L'Oreal Infallible Nail Polishes though, they're clever - they may appear double ended, but they're actually two normal sized L'Oreal nail polishes held together by a plastic middle.

The concept here is that you have one full colour shade and one tinted jelly shade - they can be used separately, or layered for maximum effect.  Alone, both full colour shades are gorgeous - Scarlet Century has that glowing from within thing going on, and Rebel Blues has a deep inkiness to it which isn't very summer, but is very pretty.

And here's the rub:  neither jelly polish really brings anything to the party.  At best, they're softly tinted clear polishes which can add a hint of colour to your nails if you're looking for a very soft jelly effect on your nails, and at worst they're a slightly tinted topcoat which adds nothing to the full colour shade.

Still, both the full colour and the jelly shades are beautifully smooth and easy to apply, and dry quickly.  And they're cheap at £7.99 for two shades.  But, y'know, unless you're expecting very little from the jelly shades, you may well be disappointed.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Seriously Good Value: Models Own Colour Chrome Cream Eye Palette

This Models Own Colour Chrome Cream eyeshadow palette was a bit of a surprise - most budget cream metallic eyeshadows are oily, slick, a bit sheer.  This one, however, isn't.  The cream shadows are, well, creamy - easy to blend, they set down into a slightly tactile powder finish which glows with metallic pigment.  And glitter, if you're looking at the silver shades.

Best of all, a thin layer doesn't crease immediately when applied over primer on my oily lids.  If I try to build them up to full intensity, they crease after a few minutes, but applied lightly, you still get a soft metallic finish (which, incidentally, is a great base for powder shadow) and a slightly sheerer colour.  On those with drier lids, these should work brilliantly.  I also love the second-from-the-left silvery white for highlighting brow bones and cheekbones, used very sparingly (you don't want robot face, after all).

At a mere £5.99 from Superdrug, this little sturdy palette of metallic goodness is definitely worth investigating.  Just bin the sponge applicator and use your ring finger, or a stiff bristled synthetic brush, for best effect.

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Monday, 13 July 2015

OMG, I finished an eyeliner

Dearly beloved, we are gathered today to mourn the passing of this Urban Decay All Nighter eyeliner.  For one short year, it held my heart, being the darkest, inkiest, smudgiest liner in a pretty large collection.  And now it's time is done.  It has smoked out my lashline for the last time.  Never again will it darken my ring finger from smudging, remaining true and black on my eyes regardless.

Shortly it will be replaced with a clone of itself, and never will be forgotten as the longest lasting, blackest, smudgiest liner in history.  No flowers.

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Kiehl's Clearly Corrective Dark Circle Perfector

I was expecting this little tube to contain an anti-dark-circle eye cream, and I got a hell of a surprise when I squidged out a bit and found that it's actually a tinted brightening eye cream.  I also discovered that the pigmentation is quite strong, so you need the tiniest blob of product, rather than the good squidge I normally use for eye cream.

Brightening wise, it definitely does it's job - my undereyes typically have a blue tinge to them, which is thoroughly brightened and evened out with this stuff on.  I also love the fact that it has SPF30 - we're all aware of the need for SPF on the face, but the eye area is often left unprotected.

Now, the downsides - so powerful is the brightening effect that if you apply too much, as I did the first time I used it, you will end up with reverse panda eyes.  Another downside is that it only comes in a single shade - perfect for my porcelain complexion, but likely to result in super reverse panda eyes for those with darker or warmer skintones.

If you're looking for a daytime eye cream which does double duty on long term skincare effects and instant coverage and brightness, and you have pale skin, this is a great product, if rather spendy at £29 for 15ml.  Given that you need so little, it'll last a fair while, but if you're the slightest bit concerned about it being a match for your skin, go try it in-store before purchasing to avoid an expensive reverse panda eyes mistake.

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